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As mentioned on the home page this site has been in the family for many years. For most of them we have been ably assisted by a canine companion, Gypsy, Megan then Tess. We now find ourselves having to do our own barking as the lovely Brodie, who ably assisted us as a "Part timer", has moved with his family to a new home. Though he does try to find time to visit for a holiday.
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TV reception

Since the march of digital TV transmission there is no terrestrial signal available on site. If TV is important to you come prepared with your own satellite dish. The satellite is low in the sky and accessible between the hills.


With a West Coast Location we get a lot of the former! In an average year we expect 1.9 meters/76 inches, recorded over 220 days. Do not forget to bring wellies and waterproofs. Who was it said "there is no bad weather, only inadequate clothing"? We do get sun, often for weeks at a time. When the sun is out this is the place to be.To see charts prepaired from local weather records click the following links. Rainfall and Temperatures and Daylight hours

Internet Access

Pay-as-you-go WiFi is now available on site. You can buy time by the hour - £3, day - £6 or week - £20. If you still have time in credit when you leave Reraig it can be used at a growing number of partner sites. Visit Highland WiFi to find other sites in the scheme.

Passing Places/single track roads.

You will still find some single track roads with passing places. These should be used, not only to pass on-coming traffic, but also to permit overtaking. The driver behind may not be on holiday, like you, but have a job to go to, like a District Nurse perhaps - babies wait for no one! Your courtesy will be appreciated. The safe way to use passing places is to stick to the left side of the road. If the passing place is on your right, park opposite to wait for an on coming vehicle, NEVER CROSS OVER to the other side for fear of a head on smash!

Midges & Ticks

Midges - You will no doubt have heard of the dreaded Highland midge. Given the right conditions they can make life miserable, especially if you are under canvas. However, do not despair, there are ways of living with them. Midges like dim light and damp, still air. Oh! and lots of naked flesh! Be prepared to cover up morning and evening. Try to pitch out of the shade and where there is a chance of a breeze. Try to plan al fresco dining and barbecues to finish before the "gloamin". Buy an insect repellent, the local favourite is Avon "Skin so soft" a moisturiser with insect repellent included. Many people find it milder on the skin than other remedies and it works for most people. It is kinder to the plastic of eye glasses too. We smell nice and we don't get bitten! Midges usually make their first appearance before the end of May but are not always a problem, it depends on the weather. They make a final effort to breed in August, so can be a bit more fierce then, before returning to the ground to overwinter.

Ticks - There have been national warnings of an increase in tick numbers this year. Some ticks, very few, will carry Lime disease so it is advisable to check humans and dogs for ticks whilst in country areas.

When to visit

Generally the weather is expected to be dryer in May and June but recent years have seen more variation in the pattern. May, June and July, however, do offer the longest daylight hours for tours and photography. A few weeks either side of mid summer's day there is no real darkness, just less light in the middle of the night. So if the weather should be extremely hot you can still climb that "Munro" but in the cool of the evening safe in the knowledge you will not run out of daylight. Also the wardens are still in good humour after a long rest/winter of maintenance and the requirement to fill the empty coffers.

If you feel a holiday with your caravan or motor home is not complete without an awning, May, June or September are the months for you because no awnings are permitted in July or August. This is largely because of the weather and the lack of good growing light in the winter months. We have to limit the use of canvas to prevent destruction of the grass therefore tent size is restricted to small back-pack type for the same reason.

Past and present

If you, well those of you not of a sensitive nature, click this photo link you can see we have had tremendous views from the toilets on this site. However, visitors from long past years will be devistated to hear they have been updated. This photo link gives you a glimpse of what to expect these days.

The Warden, who has always taken his responsibilities for the cleanliness of the facilities very seriously, has thankfully maintained his youthful sylph like figure. This photo will convince you that he puts it to full use.

Joking aside, we do our best to keep the site clean and tidy for your enjoyment. That is why you will be denied access to the toilet block for a short time in late morning each day. There is a sign in each room as a guide to the time of cleaning, please take a look. Your co-operation will help us to minimise the time taken and any inconvenience to you.